Thursday, May 28, 2009

Future Garden

So we are trying to fix up our yard little by little.  This is our side yard about a month and a half ago.  See all that rock, yeah, we sifted that huge pile to get the dirt out and moved it to the other side of the yard to be dealt with later-thats another blog post, maybe in the fall.

About 3 weeks ago...

And today!

My mom and dad came over to help us finish.  We loaded up all of the old mulch, sod we dug up last summer, basically trash into the back of my dad's truck to be taken to the dump tomorrow.  Roto-tilled to loosen the dirt/soil/sand.  Then divided the areas with a couple railroad ties.  Now we have the beginnings of our garden.  I am hoping that Dan's farming blood will help our little garden flourish.  Now we just need to plant.  I also want to plant some flowers back there so I can have fresh flowers in my house!  I love peonies, but need some variety, so if you have ideas let me know!

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mike and maren said...

There are all sorts of cool varieties of Salvia that I love. I usually try to stick to perennials, but I always seem to slip over to the annual aisle... here's a few things I bought this year that I love (and our climates are close enough):

Gazenia, Snapdragons (they are hearty, so I love them), Lobelia, Petunias, Hot Lip Sage, Lavender, Celosia, Bleeding Hearts, Delphinium, English Dasies, Molucella, and Zinnias.

I have had great luck with all of them. Hope that is helpful.