Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Special Ty Post

My bro Ty came to town on the 22nd of May during his cross country training flight. Ty is currently in Del Rio Texas going to Pilot Training for the Air Force. It was so fun to see him! It was a whirl wind trip, he was there long enough to help Grandma move into her new house, eat at Chipotle (Ruby's first trip there), and go on a training flight. He was the last of my siblings to meet Ruby...now we just need Makamae and Keith to get over here :)

More Family

Brooke and Jay came out to visit May 5th. I was so glad that they could come so they could meet Ruby! Brooke was officially dubbed the baby whisperer. Ruby was instantly fall asleep when she would hold her...except when we were doing her photo shoot (see previous post).

This was not a posed picture. We were all actually googling over her and Brooke snapped this picture. We are all a little taken with this little gal!

I think this is a smile at Grandma!

Grandpa's first time holding her. She was finally big enough!

Ditto for Andy!

Baby Whisperer strikes again.

Andy's fiance April. We didn't have to talk April into holding Ruby though, she loves her!

Finally talked Jay into holding her. He was afraid at every face Ruby would make (and she makes a lot of faces) that she was going to spit up on him. He escaped unscathed!

Ruby's FIrst Photo Shoot

When my sister came for a visit, we decided that we needed some "professional" pictures of our little Ruby! Here are some of my favorites! Ruby wasn't at all tired during the photo shoot, so we did the best we could. I think they turned out great! Thanks Brookie!

I have to put a caption to this one. Ruby hates those head bands on her head! Which is a little sad because my sister-in-law, Alaina, made some really cute bows. Maybe Ruby won't mind it so much when she is a little older.