Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Hello Everyone! I have been away for a little bit so here are pics of our babe. We L.O.V.E .her. Seriously. And we aren't the only ones :)

Brindi and Ruby. Ruby doesn't really care about Brindi...BUT Brindi cares about Ruby :)

I think in this picture she looks like my Dad...and I look like my finally a picture where Ruby looks like me?!?

Dan gets mad when I put head bands on her...and Grandpa says it gives her a headache.
Ah well

She really does love the bath time!

I think little panda outfit is one of my favs! She looks so good in baby blue because of her eyes!

Her 4th of July outfit. I had to incorporate some red accents since I didn't buy her a special "4th of July" outfit.
So cute, but I don't have to tell you that! She has a little dimple on the side of her nose.

That might be a "Katie" look...what do you think?

So funny! I was dropping her off at Grandma's and it took me and my mom like 2 minutes to get her to smile :) She just kept looking at us like...Puhlease!

I bought these little baby legs (which are like my favorite things besides cloth diapers). I don't know why I thought they would actually fit her...they are so huge, but she likes them too so I let her wear them.

First really great smile caught on camera. I love this dress, she looks so cute in it. Notice the g diapers package in the background! Who wants to talk about cloth diapers???Anyone, Anyone?

Love the spikey hair and the double chin!

Why am I commenting on every picture?

That belly shirt used to be big on her! She is growing so fast!