Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, as many of you, if not all of you know we had our ultrasound on Tuesday. And...we are having a little baby girl! I am happy and somewhat relieved to announce that I am, in fact, not giving birth to the devil as previously suggested by a member of my immediate family...who will remain nameless. (shhh, I have been a little "moody" lately) My mom, sister, and grandma came with Dan and I to the ultrasound. It was a full crew - very fun! Well, not so much fun for me until the end. I misunderstood the ultrasound tech (who really was one of the sweetest ladies) and thought there was a problem and was incredibly worried/stressed the whole time. I don't know why I didn't ask for clarification until the end, but I was just trying to process the whole thing - which turned out to be unnecessary. However, so far everything with her is going well - and we are very thankful for that, she is actually developing right on schedule. She was on Tuesday exactly 21 weeks and 0 days developed and that is exactly how far along I am - or was on Tuesday. The ultrasound tech did a quick 3-D picture of her little face for me (I think because she felt so bad for the misunderstanding - although I was, somehow, the ONLY one in the room who misunderstood) and to actually see her was a very surreal thing. It still has yet to really sink in that in a short time I will be a mother...oh my goodness!! So right after the appointment the girls and I went to the fabric store to pick out some cute material for some receiving blankets. I am hoping to not procrastinate preparing this little girl's nursery, so I...I mean WE need to pick out colors and get on the ball!