Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love DAN!!

Nothing is better than a husband who will run to the store first thing in the morning when it is freezing cold outside to get milk for your cereal and then goes down stairs to play guitar hero and sings along while he is jamming....Yes, honey you DO rock! Today is going to be a good day!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heart Beat

So yesterday we had an OB appointment. This was our second one. Dan came, I told him I think husbands are supposed to go, right? Anyway, we got to listen to the heartbeat. It took what seemed like a few minutes to find it, although I am sure it was less than 30 midwife said, "don't worry, the baby is really small so sometimes they are hard to find." Well hurry up, please! She found it and our baby's heart is beating within the normal range of 120-160 :) She did tell us what it was exactly but I can't remember...does that make me a bad mom? I had a couple ladies ask me what the heart rate was and I felt guilty that I could only say, somewhere between 120 and 160. Still feels a little surreal, out of body, are WE really having a baby? I've had a couple pretty good days - sickness wise, just sick at night which is a good thing! Definitely looking forward to a better 2nd trimester when I actually re-start some sort of exercising! p.s NYC Marathon is this Sunday, and I secretly...or not so secretly couldn't be happier that I am not running! Good luck to my gymnastics amiga Sarah G, run like the wind!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

This is what I have been doing

So I realize I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy...busy with "morning" sickness and keeping secrets/lying. It's been a long couple months, but now I don't have to keep the secrets or lie any longer! Let me correct some of my responses and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

No, I don't have a weird strain of the flu that lasts an abnormally long time. I DO know what's wrong and I'm not feeling better. My training is not going well. The 13 miles I ran last week wasn't hard...because I didn't do it! And although my midwife said I could run the marathon, I think I will just defer until next year.

I am just over 12 weeks along. I am experiencing morning sickness, it hits the worst in the evening. Baby Ricks' is due date is May 4th, but we are holding out for a cinco de mayo baby. We are going to find out the sex. We don't have names picked out, in fact that part really stresses me out, so I'm not even thinking about it yet. We don't have a preference for a girl or a boy-honestly, and I have no motherly instinct as to which it may be - although the Chinese calendar and my friend Roxana from work (who did a quick examination of my hand) both say it's a boy. I do have cravings...but only for a Sonic Limeade. And Mom is excited!!!