Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go Baby Go!

Ruby has been learning (very quickly might I add) how to crawl. She is getting very good at it and is getting pretty fast. No matter where you set her down in the room, she will be in the opposite corner within minutes! It is very fun to watch her work so hard. She is so persistent! One of her favorite things is standing. She is very close to pulling herself up on her own and will move her feet and attempt to walk if you hold her hands. Crazy! We are having so much fun with her and her constant entertainment! She loves blowing raspberries and giving you a head butt...great-grandma Hughes taught her that one :)

Ruby's version of the downward dog. Brindi is obviously teaching her a weird way to crawl!

I think we have a future piano player on our hands.

She has tried to chew on the pedals, uh oh! This girl will chew on ANYTHING!

Let me see if I can get my toys outta that bag!

Caught ya!
That is her favorite part of the tree, there is a little jingle bell ornament that she likes to jingle.

Chillin' before church waiting for Mom and Dad to be ready to go.

See the piano theme?

Stairs?!? She is trying, but not quite there, thank goodness!

That's all for now!