Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jokes on Me

Friday morning, getting ready for work, me trying to be annoying... "Daaannnn, do you know what today is?"  Me trying to put on a very convincing -I know something you don't know- look, even though there wasn't anything especially special about the day.  This is his response - "Lets see, today is friday, December 12th...our 11 month anniversary?"  Oh my gosh!!!  It is our 11 month anniversary!!!!!  I didn't get a very funny response, but yay we get to celebrate!  

So we decided to get a pizza, 
Watch a movie, (which seems a little more disturbing the 2nd time around)

and go to bed early...So we could get up early and go skiing!
We got our season passes which includes 10 times at Vail.  And since it is by far the best resort in Colorado - according to us - and one of the more expensive, we decided to take full monetary advantage and try to use all 10 times.  We WILL get our money's worth this year!  Its a long drive for one day, but Dan's a good sport, although I do offer to drive :)  And thank goodness for Dan's good driving, he managed to avoid another accident on I-70 while the huge Dodge truck behind us was fish-tailing so badly that he almost spun around completely!  Yikes!

1 down, 9 to go! 


Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Christmas!

The Thursday after Thanksgiving I went into work and they told me to go home...which is great, and not with a pink slip...which was even better!  We had too many people scheduled so I got to have the day off.  CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIME!  So Dan and I did some Christmas Tree shopping.  I am all about the fake Christmas Trees!  We found a pretty good deal at Lowe's for a kind of skinny tree which of course we ended up getting even though we had to go to Home Depot, Michaels and Hobby Lobby first to make sure we were getting the best deal! is pre-lit! 

Although we got new ornaments for the tree - we did keep Dan's snowflake/star tree topper.  I like it!  I am excited to start collecting/making cool ornaments over the years so we have a better assortment - We helped my Grandma decorate her tree this year and she has 2 or 3 ornaments from her first tree with my Grandpa many many years ago!!  I guess we will have to save some of the Christmas Tree balls I bought at Michaels :)

Notice Dan's beaded necklace :)  Those were the leftovers - you don't need that many decorations on our little baby tree!

The tree looks a little puny there, but it fits quite nicely in our family room.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Turkey Rolls!

This is the reason that Dan bought a 20 lb turkey for 5 people.  He had to have turkey rolls...and a lot of them!  We had so many that we had to freeze pan full.  We had a little assembly line and it was pretty fast and a lot easier than I thought.  I guess this is the first year of our tradition of turkey rolls, and I am sure Dan wouldn't have it any other way!