Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ok, so I know I should be sleeping when the baby sleeps, but easier said than done. Maybe I am not exhausted enough to be able to do that yet :) I know I have be absent from the blogging world for many moons, but now I have something much more cute to post about than my growing belly! Here are a few pictures of our precious Ruby Joy. Looking through the progression of these pictures again makes me quite emotional. She didn't not have an easy entry to this world, but we are so thankful that she has gotten better so quickly and is home with us and doing great. I cannot say enough about the nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, and neonatologists at Memorial North Hospital. They are wonderful!

Ruby had to be on a ventilator for the first few days.

After she had progressed enough to be off the ventilator, but not ready to breath on her own, they put an apparatus on her head called a cpap. The tube on my shoulder is how we fed her. At this point she still had an IV in her umbilical cord, so it was a combo of breast milk and IV fluid.

Our little Ruby was a little jaundiced so she needed a combo of phototherapy and the bilirubin blanket. Those stylish glasses are to protect her eyes. She was such a trooper!

Getting better little by little. We got so excited every time they would take out a tube or IV. It wasn't a fast process, but slow and steady wins the race.

Finally Ruby is home!! And in her OWN bed! She will have the nose cannula for a few weeks. She is on the lowest setting of oxygen since she still isn't quite where she needs to be on her own. She is such a great blessing to our lives already and we are so happy that she is ours!