Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolution, picture #1

So, I think that I (or Dan) am going to take a picture everyday for the whole year so that in 365 days the Ricks' family will have a little picture scrapbook, that we can get one of those websites to make us a book of. So since I didn't start on Jan 1, I can start on the first monday in January?!? No reason to be defeated already with my resolutions...So here is the first picture. We will see how long this lasts and how boring it gets...for you and me :)

Little Brindi relaxing on the couch. Yes, we let her lay on our couch but only after we invite her up. She will be 9 months old next week. We decided her birthday would be April 10th with a good estimation of her age from the vet.