Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

We opened presents with my parents on Christmas Eve.  My Dad was on a layover and had to go back to work on Christmas Morning, so we enjoyed a great Christmas with him Christmas Eve night.  The crew: Mom, Dan, Grandma, Andy, April, Me, Dan, Ruby, and Jay.  Can I just say that Ruby was in Heaven!!!  She pretty much got to open everyone's presents.  She moved from lap to lap, flashed her smile and cute personality and EVERYONE caved!  

Ruby working the Beiber!

Ruby opening her special present from Namma (Grandma).

She was genuinely excited and ran over and gave Grandma a hug.  She loves naming the animals and making their noises.  

We all made my Grandma a build a bear.  She loved it, and Ruby did too!

Ruby moving in on Grandma's other gift...Now Ruby wants everyone to "draw Annie, draw Annie" (Annie being my Grandma's westie)

She love her Monkey book, really Monkey's are her favorite!  I am hoping that the moral of the story rubs off and she starts sitting quietly during church!!  I will let you know.


***megan*** said...

ruby is so darn cute!!! i just love her!

maren sundahl said...

I was JUST thinking about you the other day - wondering how 2 kids is going for you. :) Sometimes I think "Oh, this isn't actually that bad." and then other times I think "I was so dumb to think I could handle another one."

BUT, just had to let you know we love cloth diapers, so thanks for helping me learn the ropes right in the beginning. Have you tried anything new that you like lately?

kat reynolds said...
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