Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Family

Brooke and Jay came out to visit May 5th. I was so glad that they could come so they could meet Ruby! Brooke was officially dubbed the baby whisperer. Ruby was instantly fall asleep when she would hold her...except when we were doing her photo shoot (see previous post).

This was not a posed picture. We were all actually googling over her and Brooke snapped this picture. We are all a little taken with this little gal!

I think this is a smile at Grandma!

Grandpa's first time holding her. She was finally big enough!

Ditto for Andy!

Baby Whisperer strikes again.

Andy's fiance April. We didn't have to talk April into holding Ruby though, she loves her!

Finally talked Jay into holding her. He was afraid at every face Ruby would make (and she makes a lot of faces) that she was going to spit up on him. He escaped unscathed!


Mrs. Boojwa said...

Nice pics. sorry I haven't been out to see you guys since Ruby came. And sorry we missed her blessing. One of these days though :) Have you figured out how to share the picture of Ty with Ruby?

St. Julien's said...

Cutie patootie! I love that all family man-fellows were so afraid of little Ruby. Tell her she can spit up on me all day when I get to hold her...sigh. She is so tiny and sweet Burg. I just love thinking about mommy katie.

lauren ann said...

she is ADORABLE!! Nice work hermana. Love her, love you.

Stephanie Ricks said...

What precious photos! We can't wait to meet her and so wish we could have been at the blessing! glad all went well!

Jay Burgess said...

I also got two huge smiles from Ruby if you didn't remember, and a punch in the arm from you for getting them...