Sunday, August 23, 2009

this is my present?!? thanks bro

So last weekend my little brother Ty was in town and helped us move some furniture around in our workout room and spare room. While we were working he found a Christmas present that my older brother Jay gave me a few years ago. I got such a great laugh then, I thought I would share it with the blogging world.

Katie Burgess,

International Star Registry is proud to inform you that your loved one, Jay Burgess, has purchased the rights to name a star after you, Katie Burgess. The star chosen for you is the twenty second star from the sun in the Piedes solar system in the Anorxa galaxy.

As part of the special deal, you are also the proud new owner of the Katie Burgess star. As owner of said star you have been given all rights to any and all natural resources found, including coal, rubies, diamonds, etc... and in the event of an inter-galactic war, you have the responsibility to protect said star and any possible inhabitants from total annihilation.

As owner of this new star, we know that you are very excited and want to thank the person who bought you this star as he is quite possibly the coolest person in the world.

International Star Registry

Included in my present was a picture of the sky with my star circled and titled..."your star".

I always thought it was kinda funny that people did this for real. Who actually has the authority to give the right to sell stars to people? Jay did get me a real Christmas present, but I have to say that my whole family laughed for a long time and still laugh now when we talk about my star that I have to protect from total annihilation...thats A LOT of responsibility.


runningfan said...

When total annihilation comes to the galaxy, you and I both have a star to protect.

shaina said...

All the diamonds and rubies you could ask for. Your brother really must be "the coolest person" ever!

Colleen said...

LOVE IT! Oh my goodness! How funny! I am sure all will be well with your star, as I am positive that if there is life there they are as peaceful beings as their star's supreme ruler is.

Mrs. Boojwa said...

Will you promise to give me some jewels if you find any on your star??? :) Maybe Jay will purchase another star for you AND you'll have twice the jewels!!

Trinette McCrary said...

Thanks for the great laugh:} Bummer about the ADT. Good Luck with your weight lose too. We will have to encourage one another.

Kinley said...

That is hillarious! I love it! Do you have to pay property taxes on the said star?

Brooke said...

I was just telling someone about this just the other day. Still cracks me up! That Jay is a funny guy! I love our family... :)

Parks Family said...

funny! cool brother.
Hey are they going to run Janet's thing? Let me know if you hear anything

Mrs. Boojwa said...

..I'm ready for an update :)