Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bragging Rights

The dust has settled, after a valiant run by the Spartans, the Tar Heels are Champs, and we have our own champ....
KATIE RICKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Katie who impressively had 3 of the final 4, both teams in the finals and had North Carolina winning it all!  Here's how we fell in line:
1st Place Katie Ricks  92 points
2nd Place Dottie O'Donnell 86 points
3rd Place Dave Schley 79 points
Jim Kennedy 77 points
Curtis Flugum 76 points
Carlos Bassett 74 points
Anya Schmidt 70 points
Randy Trochman 68 points
Traci Jewett 66 points
Randy Day 65 points
Todd White 65 points

 - That was the email I got from my co-worker (who organized a little bragging rights bracket) on Tuesday morning.  YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!  I won!  I never win anything!  And to beat out 7 boys who probably watch a lot of college basketball, and if not a lot of college basketball...FOR SURE more than I do!  I need to apologize now to the rest of my co-workers because I will be taking the "bragging rights" seriously and you will all be hearing about it for a LONG time! - 


shaina said...

That's some serious bragging rights!! Yay for you.

Glad you found our blogs!! Looking forward to reading more about you. Oh, and your home improvement project totally rocks!! It looks fabulous. I would never had known you just did it!

Colleen said...

Nice work Katie! Way to show 'em! I always stink at any bracket challenge.
And Dan did a great job on that little looked great when we were there, much better than the original!

Makamae said...

Bottom line: I am impressed. :) I think Ty won his bracket too... but he only had like 4 other people he was up against. btw, did you ever find more Mo's who don't like Dave Matthews??

Daniel and Candice said...

Way 2 Go!!