Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fever

It has been such beautiful weather in Colorado these past few weeks (not including the blizzard that blew thru last Thursday) that Dan and I are thinking more about mountain biking, hiking, and running in shorts and a t-shirt (more me than Dan on that last one) than skiing.  However as you may know from previous posts we have ski passes that we still want to get good use of, so we went to Breckenridge today.  I didn't know this, and many of you may not care, but I learned a good piece of trivia from Dan.  Breckenridge has the highest ski lift in North America.  The Imperial lift goes up to 12,998 feet!  It was so stinkin' windy on the lift and at the top, but the snow was pretty good, so I tried to be tough.  If I would have known that we were that close I would have made sure to hike up a little bit so we could have hit the 13,000 feet mark!  Anyway, it was a pretty fun day and I have a wind burned face to prove it!

This is a picture from just above the Imperial Lift...courtesy of Wikipedia.


Parks Family said...

Sounds like fun, but I say, "Bring on the heat!"

byoung said...

live it up with the boarding while you can, it gets more complicated once you have kiddos you know---i have been wanting one last spring day on the mountain, spring skiing is so fun.
that is sweet you get to go to all those resorts!!!