Sunday, February 8, 2009

Somebody help me!

I am trying to make my blog pretty and can't figure out how to do it! Where do I find the cool layouts or make my own? I may really be this dumb :(


Makamae said...

Hey. If you go to my blog, you can find a link in the top left corner called the cutest blog on the block. You go there, look at all the different blog layouts. Pick one, and make sure you have the code. Then you have to go to Layout (after you've clicked on the dashboard), then click "add a gadget". Then you have to add an html/javascript gadget, paste the code from the website, paste it into the html gadget field thingie. Click save, and ¡Voila! your blog should be all pretty. :) Hope this helps.

Desiree and Lars said...

Two sites to go to are:

Pick a layout and follow the instructions. You can also find free blog layouts other places by googling "free blog layouts"

It took me a while to figure this stuff all out. It is complicated till you get it! Hope this helps.

KLandon said...

If you want something custom, my friend Julie does some really nice blog designs. Her website is
Tell her Kaia sent sent you if you do.

Dan and Katie said...

Thanks for your help! How do you make the your picture so big Desiree? Thats what I was trying to do when I messed it up so badly...and lost all my blog addresses! AHHHH

Dan and Katie said...

PS cutest blog on the blog is a mac hater just like Ty