Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas in Idaho!

Dan and I spent Christmas vacation in Rexburg and Boise Idaho. This is us Christmas morning with Dan's parents and his sister Alaina and her husband Landon. Please notice our matching pajamas. I never had this tradition of getting new matching pjs on Christmas eve, but I thought it would be fun...and I wanted new pajamas :)

Dan's dad trying to clear the snow! The snow blower broke like a second after I took this picture, but I promise it wasn't my fault! To try to make up for it Dan and I shoveled the back porch, we shoveled more snow than I ever had my whole life of living 15 years in Colorado! That may be a slight, very slight exaggeration :)

This me with Shane and Stephanie's 2 daughters that don't hate me :) Thats Jessica on my lap and Lily. They are so cute! We had so much fun staying at their house in Boise, playing wii, going sledding, they are a great bunch!

Dan with Shane and Steph's youngest Violet. She loves Dan but I have yet to gain her trust :) We had a blast watching her run around like a tornado our last night there, she had us all in hysterics! I wish I had a video of it! It made me tired just watching her run back and forth and jumping in and out of everyone's lap, what a ball of ENERGY!!

This is me with Jamie and Brooke's kids, well at least 3 of the now 5. Rowan, Aiden and Noah. Eve, their only daughter just wasn't feeling the pictures that morning. She is a gem of a little girl. Brooke had another little boy, Cruz a few days after we left.

Dan took a fly tying class in high school, so he was teaching his dad how to tie a wooly bugger and some others, I just thought this was a kodak moment :) We also got to visit Wendy, Paul and their three kids, Matthew, Megan and Carly. Played some games and I shot a paint gun for the first time. It was a lot of fun, I wish I had taken my camera!

Stephanie's friend made her these cute Christmas decorations. I took pictures so I could try to duplicate these next year :)


bekahjr said...

It's about time you post something! Looks like you had a blast! Dan's nieces are so cute!

Dan and Katie said...

I know, I have been a blog slacker! Can't wait to see you!